Capturing the Cornish coast on canvas

Capturing the Cornish coast on canvas

Amanda Hoskin will show a new body of work at Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance this spring, coinciding with the gallery’s 20th anniversary.

The Special Collection arrives in the gallery on the 16th of March and will be available to view until the 29th March.

Over the course of two decades, Lighthouse Gallery on Causeway Head has firmly established itself as one of the most respected in Cornwall, showing work predominantly inspired by the Cornish landscape.

Gallery Co-Director Christine Weschke, who retires this year, reflects on the gallery’s contribution to the Cornish art scene:

“My fellow Director Tracey Spry and I are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. Over two decades, we’ve supported emerging artists, helping them forge successful careers by connecting them with a diverse audience. The gallery will continue under Tracey’s extremely experienced directorship and I’ve no doubt will go from strength to strength.”

For Christine, the arrival of Amanda’s collection is a fitting farewell to her work as a gallerist.

Amanda’s work epitomises a distinctive phase in the Cornish landscape tradition; over 25 years, she’s honed and perfected her mark-making with sublime results, culminating in this confident collection of canvases. 

Tracey enthuses: “Amanda has an extremely loyal following with collectors. Her work is technically accomplished, but it also brings a warm, life-affirming feel to the spaces in which it’s displayed.”

The ‘capsule collection’ features views of the Cornish coast and countryside, particularly around Zennor and Cape Cornwall.

Amanda reveals more, saying: “In this group of paintings, there’s a recurring theme of mining stacks and engine houses, which haven’t been that common in my work until now. I enjoyed introducing these manmade features into my landscapes, and I love that the landscape is gradually claiming them back!” 

There’s also a gradual but distinct evolution of style on display, with more mixed media – acrylic inks, pastels, watercolours, and charcoal – and a heightened sense of drama with moodier colours and greyer skies, as Amanda subtly pushes the boundaries of her practice.

It is a collection intended to be viewed as a whole in the bright, contemporary space of Lighthouse Gallery, where Amanda’s radiant canvases come to life.

Christine reflects: “Amanda has always had a deeply ingrained relationship with the Cornish landscape, which is conveyed in every brushstroke. But this latest body of work is something special – it’s infused with the kind of self-assurance and honesty that only comes with decades of experience. I certainly feel as if I’m going out on a high, with this beautiful collection on our walls!”

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