Cornish Hog’s Pudding Is Officially Delicious!

Cornish Hog’s Pudding Is Officially Delicious!

Sally Lugg - MR

Cornish pork producer, Primrose Herd, has been recognised as one of the country’s top food producers at a major set of industry awards announced this week.

The delicious. magazine Produce Awards are an attempt by one of the UK’s best-selling food glossies to unearth small-scale producers who make an invaluable contribution to our culinary culture.

Sally and Bill Lugg, who have been rearing traditional-breed pigs at their farm near Redruth since 1999, were unanimously declared the winner of the ‘From The Field’ category for artisan producers after the judges tasted their Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon, Shoulder of Pork and Chorizo-style Sausages.

However it was the family’s Cornish Hog’s Pudding which really caught the attention of the judges; this traditional white pudding is made to a secret recipe of herbs, spices and the finest pork, and the Lugg’s version already has multiple awards to its name.

The judges – a panel of food writers, restaurant critics, TV presenters and industry experts – were: “astounded by Primrose Herd’s relentless work ethic and their commitment to making a wonderful product from contented pigs.”

They added: “Primrose Herd is deeply enthusiastic about heritage breeds and takes immense care in rearing their pigs. Animal welfare is paramount and the animals enjoy a happy, free-ranging life.”

Sally and Bill began by selling their pork at various farmer’s markets; they now supply many of Cornwall’s top restaurants, award-winning farm shops and delicatessens, and sell the full range of pork products via their own website.

On hearing news of this prestigious award, Sally commented: “We were so pleased to receive such an overwhelming response from the judges. Seeing our name alongside other producers we really admire, from all over the country, has given us a huge boost.”

She added: “We set very high standards for ourselves in terms of welfare of the pigs and quality of the finished product. It’s hard work, but it pays off when you get this kind of recognition.”

The couple’s three children – Rachael, Abi and Josh – all work for the family enterprise alongside their butchery team of Jake Gregory, Dan Eddy and George Simmons, so the future looks bright for Primrose Herd as they continue to put artisan Cornish produce on the map.