Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For New Women’s Wellbeing Centre

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For New Women’s Wellbeing Centre

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched this week with the aim of raising £7,000 towards a game-changing new wellbeing centre in Penzance dedicated to women’s health.

Garbo House will offer a programme of progressive, holistic support to help women navigate menstruation, pregnancy, postnatal care, motherhood, menopause and issues around female fertility – with positive impacts for whole families and the wider community. 

Leif Olsen, a yoga practitioner with 20 years’ experience, is crowdfunding to help make this innovative project a reality; if successful her yoga studio on Bread Street will become a multi-faceted space with classes, workshops, activities and treatments.

Leif is responding to what she perceives as a lack of support for women at key times during their lives, putting them at risk of long-term physical problems and poor levels of mental health.

She explained: “I’ve been specialising in women’s health for two decades, and I’ve seen hundreds of women experiencing profound life-changes. Despite the many fantastic midwives, GPs and nurses, the system as a whole is letting women down, and I want to help.”

Leif is collaborating with other specialist practitioners to plan a comprehensive timetable to include yoga for teenagers, pregnancy and baby yoga classes, women’s yoga therapy, a singing group, meditation, couples birth preparation, Mamas Retreats and workshops on baby massage, perimenopause, anxiety, trauma and using herbs in the home.

There will also be the opportunity to book massages, acupuncture and one-to-one sessions with other specialists.

However, as Leif explains: “Garbo House will not only offer practical help, but also a support network. In these classes friendships are formed, challenges are shared and overcome, and women feel nurtured and empowered through connectivity. It’s an important step in building resilience in ourselves and our communities.”

The funds raised will allow Leif to buy new equipment for the centre, provide a bursary for those less able to pay for classes, and also pay for a comprehensive marketing campaign to enable the message to reach as many women as possible.

To find out more or to contribute to the crowdfunding initiative, click here.