It’s Busy Around The Table At Scarlet Wines

It’s Busy Around The Table At Scarlet Wines

scarlet4This spring Scarlet Wines, an oasis of food and wine just off the A30 at Lelant, reinvented its food offering with the launch of The Vineyard Table, and as a result has experienced its busiest season to date.

The increase in trade has been marked; in July customer numbers were up 50% on the previous year, and August saw a series of record-breaking services for the busy team.

The most successful summer so far for the independent eatery is the result of some honest soul-searching earlier in the year.

With West Cornwall enjoying a more diverse food scene than ever before, owner Jon Keest felt that the time was right to follow his natural impulse to, as he puts it, “be a bit more of a maverick.”

Jon introduced a menu inspired by sun-drenched Southern Europe and the colourful street cafes of Morocco and Lebanon, rebranded as ‘The Vineyard Table’ to reflect the redefined style.

Jon explained: “I wanted to major on the regions and food styles which work well with our wine selection and which have bold, bright flavours. This led us to focus on Southern Portugal and Spain and the short hop from there to Morocco, Italy – Sicily and Puglia in particular, Greece, and round the Mediterranean coast to Turkey and Lebanon.

He adds: “The menu is also intended to inspire the relaxed and convivial approach to sharing food and wine that you find in those places.”

The vibrant salads, rustic flatbreads, and platters of meat and fish have been a hit, adding colour and fresh flavours to what has at times been a dull and wet summer.

Jon said: “People have responded very positively to our new take on breakfast, lunch and dinner – for example our flatbreads already have a cult following,with people returning to try all the variations!”

The menu will change seasonally and the team will host events throughout the quieter months including a Gin Tasting, a Whisky Club and various regional food and wine nights.

The logo, created by Channel Design in Hayle, was designed to work alongside the Scarlet Wines branding whilst giving the food offering its own identity; the shape of the tree trunk also refers to the shape of the Hayle Estuary where Scarlet Wines & The Vineyard Table is situated.

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