Lane Architects: New Website Launch

Lane Architects: New Website Launch

We recently worked with Ian Farrell Creative to create a new website for Lane Architects, which launched this week! 

Based in Falmouth, Lane Architects are an RIBA certified studio specialising in residential architecture with extensive experience in self-build homes and renovations. They offer services for many types of building projects including residential, zoological, office, commercial and educational. 

They pride themselves on having the experience and natural intuition to know how to make a house, office, or creative space feel homely, inspiring and uplifting, blending creative, innovative design with the latest technologies and materials.

From left: Sarah, Andrea and Anna

We went to visit the Lane Architects team; Founder Andrea Lane, Architectural Visualiser Anna Cattermole and Interior Design Consultant Sarah Tridgell at their HQ in Falmouth to capture some team shots of them for their new website. 

They work from Andrea’s home, which used to be a mundic bungalow, but was raised to the ground and in its place Andrea designed and built an incredible three bedroom dwelling. This relatively small space has been ingeniously designed to flow across multiple floor levels, making it feel large, open and light. The perfect place to capture the team together.

If you would like to know more about the work Lane Architects do, visit their site or follow them on social media; Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.