Latest Project From St Ives Designer Revealed

Latest Project From St Ives Designer Revealed

Interior Designer Kerry Knight of Beatengreen Design has unveiled her latest completed project; a St Ives Town House which had previously been condemned has been given the ultimate make-over.

The Town House is the latest in a series of properties in St Ives which have benefitted from Kerry’s design experience; previous projects, including the town’s Old Police Station and Sergeant’s Retreat, have received critical acclaim in national publications for their originality and creativity.

Kerry commented: “The Town House was my most exciting challenge yet. Given the initial condition of the property (it still had a Victorian oven built into one of the walls and an outside toilet) the building work was extensive.”

She added: “The design aspects of the project were all about making the most of the available space in a traditional Victorian terraced property, and working with a muted colour palette to create interest and visual coherence.”

The Town House Bedford Road St.Ives Cottage Boutique 26th April 2016

When Kerry began work, the entire ground floor had to be made structurally safe – work which was undertaken by experienced local contractors, KC Renovations.

An added complication was that most of the internal walls needed to be removed and the staircase relocated in order to create a modern, open-plan living space.

The Town House Bedford Road St.Ives Cottage Boutique 26th April 2016

Kerry’s client gave her free-reign in regards to the design concept, which was liberating in its own right as Kerry explains:

“I’m used to working from a detailed brief with the property owners, who usually have strong ideas about the overall look. It is unusual to work with so much freedom, but the collaboration was successful and the results speak for themselves.”

As a starting point, Kerry and her client agreed to use the work of artist Barbara Hepworth as an inspiration.

Hepworth was known for her abstract sculptures celebrating organic forms, which were often made in response to the Cornish landscape; her work can be seen around St Ives and at the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.

At The Town House this resulted in a colour scheme which layers soft, natural tones, as Kerry explains: “I wanted to echo the earthy feel of Hepworth’s sculptures, and keep to an organic, multi-textured concept throughout the property.”

As always with her projects, Kerry has also incorporated vintage accessories sourced locally from specialist stores and auctions, upcycled furniture and carefully selected prints to adorn the walls.

The Town House Bedford Road St.Ives Cottage Boutique 26th April 2016

Kerry is pleased with the end result, as is her client: “The property owner is really happy with the outcome, particularly the new layout and the quality of the finish we’ve achieved.”

The Town House is now available as a holiday let through The Cottage Boutique – specialists in self-catering properties in prime locations in St Ives.

Managing Partner Claire Gilbert said: “Kerry has worked on several of our letting properties and the results are always outstanding. Thanks to her keen eye and flair for creating original schemes, they always stand out in a market where there is a lot of choice.”

For more information, visit or contact Kerry Knight on 07796 030232. The Old Police Station, Sergeant’s Retreat and The Town House are let through The Cottage Boutique –