The BIG Christmas Market, which was hosted by Truro Farmers Market and ran from 24th November through to 24th December 2021, has been hailed a great success and credited with drawing thousands of people to the city during the festive season.  

TFM’s BIG Christmas Market, Truro

Alun Jones, Truro BID Manager said: “The market was one of the key elements that really helped Truro remain as a destination visit in the run-up to Christmas, strengthening the festive offer. The quality and variety of stalls helped to attract that crucial footfall so vital to everyone’s success in the wider city centre, also enticed people to stay longer and in turn browse around the resident businesses.”

The month-long market on Lemon Quay featured a revolving selection of the finest local food, drink, arts and crafts and involved around 100 traders.

TFM’s BIG Christmas Market, Truro

Mayor of Truro, Steven Webb, who visited the traders in December, commented: “I was thrilled to see those involved – principally Truro Farmers Market, Truro BID and Visit Truro – working together so successfully to deliver this event. After another challenging year for businesses this month-long special edition market, alongside the reopening of the Hall for Cornwall, has brought many more people to the city. Couple that with the positive atmosphere in Truro, and it has resulted in many businesses having a better than expected Christmas.”

Truro Farmers Market is held on Lemon Quay on Saturdays and Wednesdays throughout the year, and a variation pops up in Falmouth on Tuesdays.

It has grown in size and popularity since the start of the pandemic, with shoppers enjoying the relaxed, socially-distanced open-air shopping experience.

As more people make the effort to reduce single-use plastic and lower their carbon emissions by buying seasonal food grown or made locally, farmers markets like this are the natural place to turn to, but old shopping habits die hard. 

However, Market Chairman Graham Bradshaw is feeling positive at the start of 2022, commenting: “Our humble but ambitious local market reached new customers as a result of The BIG Christmas Market. Certainly lots of people engaged with the traders for the first time and the feedback was fantastic.”

Market Coordinator Stewart Girvan agreed, adding: “We now have plenty of momentum as we embark on our progressive plans for the year ahead – our 23rd year of operation. Anyone who wants to keep up to date with our latest news should follow us on social media, where we’ll also be sharing recipes and running competitions this year to engage our growing community.”

Month-long farmers market is a huge draw to the festive city
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