Mosaic designers combine tradition and innovation

Mosaic designers combine tradition and innovation

Expert mosaic designers Harvey and Jefferson, who have built up a mosaic building and restoration business over the last few decades, have now launched an innovative website, making their Victorian mosaic floors widely accessible. ‘Mosaics by Post’ combines traditional designs and 25 years experience with affordability and easy installation, providing inspiration for Victorian and Edwardian pathways or hallways in homes across the country.

Catherine and Valentine, or Harvey and Jefferson as they are known, have built, fitted and restored mosaics across the UK since 1988, working on a wide variety of high-profile projects. The majority of their restoration work has taken place in South West London, where a wave of building during the Victorian era created a depository of mosaic flooring which in time would need cleaning, restoring or rebuilding.

15 Rowfant RdHowever the trend also spread across the country. The Victorians mechanised the production process, making it an egalitarian option, and the practicalities of the materials and method meant that it was widely used. A mosaic floor will outlast 6 carpets and a unique design can add value to a property.

Catherine, whose parents were both artists (her father was a potter) was inspired to research mosaic designs and techniques after visits to Spain and Russia. Valentine had just completed a ceramics restoration course when the two precipitously met at Art College – and a life-long partnership began.

Penzance, which has its fair share of Victorian mosaic flooring, has been home to Catherine and Val since 2007. Their new service – Mosaics by Post – allows the public as well as designers, architects and landscapers to access their Victorian-inspired designs remotely. Each online order is compiled by hand in the Penzance studio using a sheeted mosaic system which simplifies the fitting process. New production techniques (the tiles themselves are sourced from France) result in increased durability at a reduced thickness. At 5mm the mosaic sheets are affordable and hard-wearing, and don’t increase floor level by a significant amount.

Beckwith Rd. - Version 2As well as classic black and white patterns, Mosaics by Post offers an inspiring range of colour options and matching borders. Each sheet comes with a layer of clear flexible adhesive film for protection and easy handling, and the sheets can be used inside or outside as the tiles are frost resistant and waterproof.

Catherine and Valentine also work closely with architects, designers and landscapers on more complex projects to incorporate mosaics into new builds, restoration projects and redesigned landscapes. Their input can transform a forgotten or transitory space into a unique and durable feature, using colours which compliment the surroundings or a design which suggests a specific style or era.

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