muggi joins ‘Brand Cornwall’

muggi joins ‘Brand Cornwall’
The world’s most versatile drinks carrier!

The muggi, a best-selling product described as the ‘world’s most versatile drinks carrier’, has officially become a Cornish brand after inventor and founder David Trotter relocated his business headquarters to the Duchy earlier this year.

muggi now joins other internationally respected brands and organisations based in Cornwall, as the region continues to forge its reputation as a hub for sustainability and innovation.

David said: “I am really excited to see what the future holds for muggi, and we have all sorts of ambitions for growth and diversification. Cornwall is known as a region where creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability all thrive; it feels like muggi has come home.” 

A muggi is a deceptively simple product which has won awards for its clever design; manufactured in the UK, muggi are sold to a huge variety of end-users across the world.

The colourful drinks trays have a cult following; from professional sailors to wild campers, campervan explorers to keen gardeners, people from all walks of life have put a muggi to good use.

Production will soon use 100% recycled plastic – including recovered marine plastic and discarded fishing nets – and each is guaranteed for 88 years, making them the ultimate eco-friendly ‘life hack’.

David explains: “We’ve been rapidly incorporating recycled plastic into our production systems – keeping pace with advances in technology – and are very nearly at a stage when we can move to fully recycled sources.”

He added: “I’m particularly proud that we can reuse ghost fishing nets recovered off the Cornish coast by Clean Ocean Sailing, a marine conservation charity based in Gweek. Muggi was inspired by a journey on the ocean and one of our founding principles is to drive positive environmental and social change.”

The design was originally conceived on a sailing trip from France back to Cornwall, when avid inventor David set out to solve the problem of safely holding and carrying drinks in challenging environments; his invention would go on to be embraced by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide for its lightness, durability and practicality.

David’s invention has also proved invaluable in busy workplaces, where the use of a muggi prevents spillages and accidents.

For wheelchair users and the disabled, a muggi is a simple solution for one small aspect of the daily routine, but one which can improve quality of life for people of all ages and circumstances. 

You can purchase a muggi locally at Bosun’s Locker Chandlery in Falmouth and Macsalvors stores in Redruth and Penryn, and they are available in many online stores.   

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